Call for Papers Vol. 2, 2021 - Maria Montessori, her times and our years. History, vitality and perspectives of an innovative pedagogy.

This call aims to propose a critical and historical reflection on the many variables that feature the practical and theoretical achievements of Maria Montessori’s Pedagogy and Movement from the end of the XIX century to our years, by highlighting the human, professional and cultural relations between her, her thought and some significant institutions, educators and thinkers in Italy and in foreign Countries.

Maria Montessori, her theories, her method and her schools have always been at the center of a broad debate that involves both educational elements, and historical, cultural or political aspects.

Reconstructing the figure and commitment of Maria Montessori, as well as the spread of her method in Italy from its beginning to the present day, is a difficult but essential work not only to understand a very important and diffused educational practice, but also in order to promote and encourage new pedagogical approaches. Furthermore, by examining Italian origins of the concrete settings and theoretical fundaments of Maria Montessori’s method, it will be scientifically possible both return the Italian identity of this educational way, and offer cultural resources for a renewed restart of the Montessori challenge in our Country.